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When ‘Nude’ is Not Nude: Skin Tones in Lingerie

What’s in a name? A lot, according to a new company called Nubian Skin. It has the stated mission of selling lingerie for women of color that more closely matches their skin tones. They’re basing this on the concept that ‘nude’ bras are matched to Caucasian skin color.

In reality, nude lingerie comes in a variety of colors, ranging from very light to very dark, and HerRoom has always carried a broad selection.  In fact some brands offer at least 4 or 5 nude colors to accommodate various skin tones. One brand’s ‘nude’ is another brand’s ‘sand.’ …
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This Isn’t Grandma’s Maternity Lingerie

Back when I was pregnant with my girls, maternity fashion was an oxymoron. My wardrobe choices were limited to voluminous dresses, usually in too-sweet prints or an equally limited selection of basic skirts and pants. The point was to hide or minimize the pregnancy, not glorify it. As for lingerie–maternity bras and panties were strictly utilitarian. Many women found that no matter how sexy or sophisticated their style was, when it came to maternity lingerie, style went out the window…
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How’s That New Year’s Resolution Going?

It’s Spring and I have to ask: how’s that New Year’s resolution going?  According to usa.gov, the most popular resolutions include lose weight; quit smoking; volunteer; get a better job; exercise to get fit and save money.

Not surprisingly, those are also the ones most commonly broken. An article in Huffington Post says the reason most of us break New Year’s resolutions pretty quickly is stress, which causes us to do the very things we want to stop doing…
See complete post here: http://www.tomima.com/2015/03/23/hows-that-new-years-resolution-going/

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  1. If your content is authoritative and specific to the subject, the “SEO” words and terms will fall naturally within the text. Google doesn’t want to see how many times you can cram the word “bra” into the content; it wants to know that you are saying something authoritative and interesting about bras.  (See what I just did there?)
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Brand Descriptions

PJ Salvage

Since 1996, PJ Salvage has been wrapping women in comfortable, funky, high-quality sleepwear. The line includes night shirts, robes and, of course, the flannel pajamas the brand is best known for. Cheerful patterns are a hallmark of PJ Salvage pajamas. You’ll find a pattern for every mood–funky animal prints, hearts, flying cupcakes, peace signs, amusing sayings, whimsical hearts, even skulls. But whimsy alone isn’t what sets PJ Salvage apart. Their sleepwear is made of high-quality fabrics including 100% cotton flannel in a perfect weight, lightweight cotton voile,  and a thermal velour in a cotton/poly blend.

PJ Salvage has recently expanded their line to offer chemises, camis and some lingerie pieces.  Chemises, perfect for warmer weather, are fabricated in  softs wovens and knits in pretty, muted colors, like lavender and soft sky blue. For those who love the funky side of PJ Salvage, there are also patterns lipstick lips or tie dye.  You’ll find a variety of robe styles to complement  pajamas and night shirts for all seasons.

PJ Salvage pajamas are celebrity favorites, too and have been spotted on  stars like Cameron Diaz, Gwen Stefani, Jessica Alba, Sharon Stone and others. In fact the PJ’s are celebrities in their own right, having made supporting role turns on several television shows, including Ugly Betty, Everybody Loves Raymond, Desperate Housewives and West Wing, to name a few.


DKNY Hosiery

Donna Karan has been a fashion icon for decades.  She founded DKNY in 1984 as a design-driven company, reflecting an urban energy that meets every day needs. DKNY clothing is both friendly and fashionable–easy to wear and with great style. By the 1990’s the DKNY brand had expanded into apparel for men and women from top to bottom.

It’s only natural the DKNY hosiery would have that unique combination of wearability and style. The hosiery line includes opaque tights and knee-highs as well as textured and net tights.  You’ll find tights in lots of fashionable colors, too, including wine, chocolate, fatigue, navy and gray: hosiery that compliments almost anything in your wardrobe. The fun, flirty patterned pantyhose in their bold colors are a perfect alternative to winter black.

Most styles run from small through plus size and also come in tall and petite plus. The finely woven material creates an even opaque coverage and the fabric stretches and moves with you. Some tights have a smooth velvet texture, while other items are sleek and smooth as silk.  Customers rave about DKNY hosiery’s comfort, too. In fact, they’re a favorite of flight attendants, a group who knows something about hard-working legs. The tights keep their fit and shape, wash after wash, making them a fashion bargain as well.

If you’re a fan of ‘Gossip Girl,’ DKNY legwear is probably as familiar to you as if it were in your own lingerie drawer, since it’s seen in so many episodes. Look for styles designed by the teamwork of DKNY and Eric Daman, Gossip Girl’s costume designer.

Product Reviews

Inlaid Stonehenge Table

Craftsman Peter Danko’s dining or conference table is the most handsome example of a slab-top design that we have seen. The allusion to Stonehenge is well taken: there is a classical monumentality to the piece. Each table is handmade and custom built of walnut, oak, ash, and cherry. An inlay of maple or exotic wood is used around the edges of the top to add decorative interest. There are three models available, ranging in width from 72″ to 144″; all are 29″ in height. Illustrated is the smallest table. The largest makes use of two 72″ slabs.

Peter Danko Associates sells through architects, designers, and to the public through its showroom.

Catalogue of Contemporary Design, Main Street Press

Stacking Chair

Curtis Erpelding’s handsome three-legged stacking chairs put to shame all the flimsy, ungainly models found in social halls and cafeterias from coast to coast. They even look good when they are stacked. The frames are ash and the seats leather. The chairs can be disassembled quite easily if necessary. Erpelding, who developed the design with the help of a National Endowment for the Arts grant, explains that he designs for the “individual who wants elegant yet practical furniture solutions for modern living with its mobility and smaller living spaces.” Thank you, craftsman Erpelding, and thank you, NEA. Some of Erpelding’s designs, including this chair, are produced by him on a limited production basis; others are strictly one-of-a-kind commissions. In either case, he invites your inquiries. Information available in the form of photographs, drawings, and estimates.

Catalogue of Contemporary Design, Main Street Press

Kenneth Lynch & Sons

This firm cannot be surpassed in the field of architectural ornamentation. Working in wrought iron, bronze, brass, steel, cast stone, and other metals, Lynch fabricates imposing gates, grilles, stair rails, monuments, and garden ornaments which are used throughout the world. The firm works with architects and designers to create lushly ornate and expertly crafted architectural decoration. If your project is large enough to interest this firm, you can be sure the results will be worth it.

Fourth Old House Catalogue, Main Street Press


This was an online toy store and one of the very first. They asked for product descriptions that were narrative, friendly, and, when possible, in the first person. In this case, it was a true-ish story.

Title: Sleuth Scope

[Aisle copy] Your kids can scope it all out without being seen

[Summary Description] This extendable periscope from Wild Planet is bound to pique your kids’ curiosity. It extends up to two feet with an advanced lens system of 4x magnification and easy-to-use manual focus.

[Age Range] 4and up

[Product Description] We had an unusual experience at our house this spring. A pair of cardinals built a nest in a tall rhododendron bush right outside our window. But, by the time the kids would pull chairs over to watch the progress the adult birds would see them and fly away in fear. The Sleuth Scope caused a collective family brainstorm. By staying below the windowsill and raising the extendable periscope, the kids could watch the cardinals’ progress to their heart’s content. We’re pleased to report that, from nest-building, to egg-laying, to hatching, and—the biggest thrill of all, watching the parents feed the babies, the kids were eye-witnesses to it all. And now that the babies are flown and spring moves into summer, they’ve put the Sleuth Scope to many more uses. Hint to parents: bring it the next time you go to a baseball game– your littlest ones will finally be able to see over the crowd.

Product Descriptions for an Online Catalog

Ben Franklin and the kite, Newton and the apple, Palo Alto-based Cirrus and the Ice Ball Press. Cubes quickly dilute drinks, turning them into sad watered-down versions of themselves. Enter the Cirrus Ice Ball Press. Now make large spherical ice balls in one minute. Buy pieces separately or as a premium package.
(315 characters)

We know–we had to ask, too. But for those in the mixology know, the Cirrus Ice Ball Press is the tool that shows you’re serious about the quality of your cocktails. Who wants to ruin a perfectly aged single-malt with rapidly melting ice cubs? The serious bartender knows how to carve perfect spheres of ice–a skill that probably deserves some sort of black belt. Now you can do the same thing–no skills and one single large ice sphere in about one minute. Just put water in the mold, place it in the press and make both your drinks and your guests happy. Skoal!


As a master of 20th century Danish Modern design, Hans Wegner’s pieces are prized for their perfect combination of form & function. Known mainly for his chairs–including one that took a star turn in the 1960 Nixon-Kennedy debates– Wegner’s cabinetry includes pieces of beauty that will be stars in your home, too. (319 characters)

Trained in both cabinetry and architecture, Wegner made pieces that are renowned for their organic design and functionalism. Meticulously created by the hands of a master, this Hans Wegner buffet, circa late 1960’s, has become iconic as an important example of Danish Modernism. Natural teak doors slide open to reveal beautifully dovetailed drawers and adjustable shelves, all ready for your dinnerware, media or whatever deserves to live in this gorgeous Danish Modern masterpiece. (484 characters)

Designer: Hans Wegner
Dimensions: 79″ long x 32″ tall X 19″ deep
Materials: Teak and oak
Adjustable shelves and dovetails drawers, 3 sliding doors