Product Descriptions for an Online Catalog

Ben Franklin and the kite, Newton and the apple, Palo Alto-based Cirrus and the Ice Ball Press. Cubes quickly dilute drinks, turning them into sad watered-down versions of themselves. Enter the Cirrus Ice Ball Press. Now make large spherical ice balls in one minute. Buy pieces separately or as a premium package.
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We know–we had to ask, too. But for those in the mixology know, the Cirrus Ice Ball Press is the tool that shows you’re serious about the quality of your cocktails. Who wants to ruin a perfectly aged single-malt with rapidly melting ice cubs? The serious bartender knows how to carve perfect spheres of ice–a skill that probably deserves some sort of black belt. Now you can do the same thing–no skills and one single large ice sphere in about one minute. Just put water in the mold, place it in the press and make both your drinks and your guests happy. Skoal!


As a master of 20th century Danish Modern design, Hans Wegner’s pieces are prized for their perfect combination of form & function. Known mainly for his chairs–including one that took a star turn in the 1960 Nixon-Kennedy debates– Wegner’s cabinetry includes pieces of beauty that will be stars in your home, too. (319 characters)

Trained in both cabinetry and architecture, Wegner made pieces that are renowned for their organic design and functionalism. Meticulously created by the hands of a master, this Hans Wegner buffet, circa late 1960’s, has become iconic as an important example of Danish Modernism. Natural teak doors slide open to reveal beautifully dovetailed drawers and adjustable shelves, all ready for your dinnerware, media or whatever deserves to live in this gorgeous Danish Modern masterpiece. (484 characters)

Designer: Hans Wegner
Dimensions: 79″ long x 32″ tall X 19″ deep
Materials: Teak and oak
Adjustable shelves and dovetails drawers, 3 sliding doors


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