Online Toy Store

This was an online toy store and one of the very first. They asked for product descriptions that were narrative, friendly, and, when possible, in the first person. In this case, it was a true-ish story.

Title: Sleuth Scope

[Aisle copy] Your kids can scope it all out without being seen

[Summary Description] This extendable periscope from Wild Planet is bound to pique your kids’ curiosity. It extends up to two feet with an advanced lens system of 4x magnification and easy-to-use manual focus.

[Age Range] 4and up

[Product Description] We had an unusual experience at our house this spring. A pair of cardinals built a nest in a tall rhododendron bush right outside our window. But, by the time the kids would pull chairs over to watch the progress the adult birds would see them and fly away in fear. The Sleuth Scope caused a collective family brainstorm. By staying below the windowsill and raising the extendable periscope, the kids could watch the cardinals’ progress to their heart’s content. We’re pleased to report that, from nest-building, to egg-laying, to hatching, and—the biggest thrill of all, watching the parents feed the babies, the kids were eye-witnesses to it all. And now that the babies are flown and spring moves into summer, they’ve put the Sleuth Scope to many more uses. Hint to parents: bring it the next time you go to a baseball game– your littlest ones will finally be able to see over the crowd.