More Product Descriptions

It has been my pleasure to write product descriptions for the American Kennel Club. The only snag is that I then want to purchase everything I write about. I have a very lucky dog.

Rough Rascals Multi-Play Dog Toy

With multiple textures and so many different way to play, these tough dog toys are like several toys in one. They’re constructed from canvas, rope and plush so they’re perfect as tug toys, for a game of fetch, as little noisemakers and just to carry around. Choose your (or your dog’s) favorite rascal: coyote, skunk or raccoon and let playtime begin!

Why we like it

Dogs can easily become bored with the same old toy, but this versatile dog toy is like several toys in one. Fetching, chewing, tugging, squeaking and comforting, the rough rascal toys have it all. The varied textures provide different mouth feel, too.

Nylon Chevron Dog Leash

This eco-friendly dog lead is as stylish as it is useful. It’s offered in a choice of bright colors, ensuring you’ll never lose site of your pup, even in the dark. The lead comes in two sizes and is made from 100% certified recycled plastic bottles, so it’s kind to the environment too.The solid metal D-ring attaches securely to your dog’s collar. It’s machine washable–just toss it in the wash as needed. Pair it with the chevron dog collar.

Why we like it

This is one leash you’ll never lose sight of–the bright colors just pop, even at night. We like that it’s made from recycled materials, so it’s environmentally friendly.

Perfect Pod Memory Foam Dog Bed

We all know a comfortable bed goes a long way towards a good night sleep (or nap) and the same is true for dogs. This bio-based memory foam dog bed has a cooling gel layer for added comfort. Liners on the top and bottom are antimicrobial and breathable. Your dog will also appreciate the wrap-around head rest, perfect for dogs who like to nestle against something when they sleep, as well as for dogs who prefer a pillow. The center cover is completely removable and, even better, machine washable. This stylish dog bed comes in a variety of color combos and is eco-friendly, sourced and made in the USA.

Why we like it

With layers of gel and memory foam, this dog bed is constructed to keep it shape. It’s made with environmentally-friendly materials, including bio-based foam and recycled materials. It comes in four sizes and a variety of color combinations so you can choose just the right one for your dog.

Bernese Mountain Dog Pooch Decor Decorative Pillow

These decorative dog breed pillows are a great way to display your favorite canine anywhere in the house. The lively patterned background highlights an attention-getting representation of breed. And the durable fabric is suitable for both indoors and out.

Why we like it

The eye-catching dog design really pops against the decorative background fabric and is a stylish statement for any house.

See more here, but dog lovers, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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